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Here’s Antonio!



Antonio is a success coach, best selling author, and motivational speaker.

Started from the bottom of his class…



From a very early age, Antonio knew that he had something special within him, he just could not seem to figure out exactly what it was. As a result, most of his early childhood was spent coasting through life in the middle lane. Some would argue that Antonio’s formidable years could be summed up into two simple words… “Wasted Potential”.

His chronic underachieving habits caught up to him when it came time to graduate high school with the rest of his class. Antonio had to attend summer school in order to graduate on time and that was with his teachers showing grace. After having to literally beg the principal to allow him to participate in the actual graduating ceremony even though he wasn’t qualified was a humbling experience.

To the top of his potential.


Antonio now uses his history as the foundation for the lessons and strategizes he teaches young adults and adults to help. The same skillset that propelled Antonio into his corporate leadership and trainer role is the same skillset that he is sharing with students around the world. Many call Antonio a phenomenal Motivational Speaker, but if you ask him he will tell you that he is just trying to atone with his younger self whom he feels he let down tremendously. Through this atonement, Antonio is determined to save as many young adults as he can from the pain of regret in their later years. He is truly living his purpose and using all of his God-given potential to make a difference.


How can I help your mission?


Sharing practical yet relevant principles along with a real action plan is the key to getting and keeping students involved. Antonio is able to meet students and adults at their individual levels and empower them to uplift their belief system and their ability to dream big. Teaching them the skills needed to be student leaders who will go on to be global influencers is what it’s all about. We will show them how to demand rigor from themselves, and to accept nothing less than excellence from those around them. This is how we will get thousands of students college, career, and life ready.